What is happening in the East is very simple

The politicians are killing innocent people and vested interest trying to blackmail IPOB. Hope Uzodimma said it. Soludo reiterated the same thing. They all said IPOB is innocent.

Those shouting that what is happening in Sokoto is also happening in the East are all hypocrites.

Did those murderers in Sokoto hide their faces and claiming unknown? Did they have to lie? Did they say they where on their way to Sokoto? Did we not see where exactly they stoned and burnt to death that innocent Christian girl?

What is happening in Orlu is politicians trying hard to blackmail IPOB. They are the ones committing those evil and pinning it down on IPOB. They believe that blackmailing IPOB will get the people fooled and with it get the people to reject their own freedom.

I have watched the events as they occur and I can say that IPOB have never denied their actions. IPOB established ESN and never denied it. ESN have confronted Fulanii herdsmen terro-rists and never denied it. ESN have confronted crimịnals claiming they are ESN and did not deny it.

Why then should IPOB do something, video it and sent it online and still deny it? Why sending it online in the first place? IPOB is not dumb, if they are, by now they must have crashed. Every person with brain knew that IPOB is innocent of those accusations.

They are shouting what is happening in the East just to blackmail you more.
What is happening is what the dubi-ous politicians are committing in the South East. Never you let them get to you. You must be courageous enough to confront them with the truth. You must rise above their blackmail. You must make them know that you know they are the ones behind those barbaric blackmails. And you must tell them that they can't fool you or break you. Win them this period and you have won the entire fight.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022

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