What One Nigeria did to the Igbo

What One Nigerịa did to the Igbo was to destroy your leadership immediately after the war in 1970. They didn't stop there, they also destroyed commerce and made sure no viable international Airport is in your region.

As an Igbo man you can't access any embassy in your region. You can't access railway in your region and there is no seaport in your region. You are made to desert your region for greener pastures to settle in other regions and abroad, yet you are believing a government contractor masquerading as a pastor, that the problem of the Igbo is Igbo. He is saying that your problem is you.

Ask yourself these questions.

How is it that Chunua Achebe was involved in the government of Biafra but no where to be found after the war?

Why is it that Akanu Ibiam was never in the government after the war?

Why did many men and women that worked selflessly for Biafra all ran abroad?

Why did Gowon appoint Ukpabi Asika to lead Eastern Region?

What events led to the enthronement of Hope Uzodimma as the governor of Imo State? Who made him governor? What was his position after the election? Who was the true governor? What is Hope doing now in Imo State? Is it proper to blame what Hope is doing on Ndị Igbo, when the same Ndị Igbo elected Emeka Ihedioha and One Nigeria removed him?

Are we thinking at all? Or do we allow emotions to always take charge over us? Why is it that we are always blind to our problems?

Is it the Igbo that denied themselves all the things I just mentioned? The present leaders of Igbo land are just not up to 1% of of ndị Igbo, yet you want to believe that you are your own problem. Yes, we have us. eless leaders, but they are all product of one Nigeria. If not one Nigeria, non of them will be leaders.

Why allow these contractors to work on your psych? Why? One Nigeria is the problem of the Igbo.

It is unfortunate that up to this moment Apostle Sulaiman has not said anything about the killings of his fellow Christians in Orlu, but want to tell you that you are your own problem.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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