According to Ooni of ife he said before creation of humanity it has been like that, in terms of celebration of wealth. But glory of God a particular race actually discovered it first and the truth be told, the race that first discover prosperity and wealth and they really nurtured it, are the Igbo race.
The igbos first discovered it, through their ancestral background the lineage of #Obatala, discover the prosperity and wealth interms of the divinity world. And that is the reason why today the race of Igbo people they are very particular and they have good expective when it comes to commerce. They are very distinct all over the world, there is no place in the world that you will go and you won't find an Igbo man. And the same goes with the Jews, there is this mistake that the world usually make, they make mistake that Igbo came from the Jews, No it is the other way round. The truth be told the first human race that existed was the Igbos before the Jews and we were all living together at the center of tropical rainforest, which is the heart of the whole thing, the land of expansion.
We were all living together as one big family before they started moving clockwise, started moving toward the eastern part of the world where they started settling. So the race of the Jews and the Igbo are very similar but Igbo far older than the Jews. They are both commercially driven, they are both Enterprise in nature, they are both driven by wealth, because that is there ancestral believe, that's the race they belong to. In Nigeria economy today and the entire black race if you don't give honour to Igbo interm of commerce and trade you are just deceiving yourself.
Ooni of ife concluded with, that Igbo people supposed to join them in #Aje festival because #Aje festival belong to Igbo and the entire race.
From Ika Man

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