What The Enémy Came To Déstroy

You don't know what you have built in the mindset of lots of people in IPOB, that's why you don't know why the enemy brought infiltrators to have it destroyed.

In IPOB you built the spirit of sacrifice
You built consistency
You put in people the spirit of patriotism to their nation to the extent they are ready to pay the ultimate prize for Biafra.
You taught them honestly and made them wear it like a badge. You made them break the walls of division to see themselves as one family.
In IPOB men go to the extent of contributing their personal money for the growth of their motherland.
For freedom, they were ready to give their own freedom just like their leader.
IPOB inculcated in them the spirit of discipline.

These are the things needed to grow a nation and the enemy became afraid of these things. That's the reason they brought an enemy to have it scattered.

To destroy the discipline inculcated in you, they took advantage of their kidnap of your leader to declare Autopilot which means go out of control, act anyhow and destroy all you have built.

They pushed lies to undermine your spirit of sacrifice, saying you are paid to do all you do for the struggle. With this, they tend to destroy this spirit of patriotism in you. Knowing how strong you are under the structure created by your leader, they ran a campaign to have this structure destroyed while claiming to love MNK. For the record, you can't love a man and hate the organization he created. You can't hate DOS and love MNK. You can't insult MNK's wife and say you love MNK. You can't use the media to run down MNK's lawyers and claim to love him. If they destroyed the lawyers, who will stand for MNK? They introduced lies and claimed what they were not just to ridicule the struggle.

These are the things IPOB wanted you to understand in these last two years.

These guys fooled lots of people when they claimed to be violént and lied to them about how they were kïlling Nïgerian military in the high sea. With these fairy tales, they started clapping for the criiminals recruited by their own oppressors to have their only vehicle to freedom destroyed.

How come you thought that IPOB members who protested in front of the Police and military were suddenly weak, just because they changed strategy and refused to allow a government agent to push them into wár?

All your years in IPOB you thought a non-IPOB member would walk out from nowhere and play IPOB into wàr. It is never done.

If IPOB wants to go diplomatic, no one can push them into wàr. It will be the decision of IPOB alone.

All of you that allowed a criiminal to fool you will soon wear your shame like a cloth.

When IPOB decides to go to that level, the zoo will know. And all the people they used to deceive people will all disappear.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist who writes for posterity's sake.

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