Whatever goes around comes around

When IPOB members were kîlled in numbers, Otelectuals and supporters of politicians all supported the barbarism of the Nigerịa government. It was so terrible. They mocked the dead and said they kîlled themselves. The crime of IPOB members was peaceful protest and gathering. They were kîlled in Emene, Head Bridge onitsha, Nkpor, Aba Community school and Afara Ukwu.

Just few years later, the same youths that supported Nigería government gathered in Lekki tollgate in a peaceful protest, just like IPOB did. The only difference is that while IPOB members were waving Biafra flags, these youths were waving Nigería flags and singing the national anthem.
Nigería military and police opened fire on them kîlling more than 100 youths. What they supported ate them up too. I am still against the #EndSARS kîlling till this very day. But truth must be said.

Just few days ago, Nigería Navy went to Ogbaru and opened fire on innocent youths, kîlling up to 100 youths. Again, some Nigería youths and Otelectuals supported it, tagging those they kîlled crimînals. You did think they learnt something, but no, they learnt nothing.

Same youths that are clamouring for a sane society, but they support brutality and murder of innocent citizens, just because they don't like that part of the country. Just because Otelectuals feel anyone kîlled is an IPOB member.

2023 election will come. Your candidate will appear to have won and he will be rigged out. You will try to protest. Many will be kîlled by these soldiers and many more will be arrested and imprisoned.

Then I will know whether you guys will acknowledge that you all are crimînals, reason the soldiers kîlled you.

Whatever goes around comes around, so said the sage.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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