What's your gain as a Nigerian? This question is truly simple but many will find it so hard to answer, I myself do not have the answer because since I was born and now I am getting old, I have never seen. Nigeria as a country is a mere geographical location which has never helped those found within her. They drain your life energy, further make you ignorant in the name of her education, stripped you of any benefit as human being and at last, kill you. What a shameful life span of an average Nigerian. Quite a pathetic life. How can you be fighting for a contraption that has not helped you in anyway? How would you be so daft to fight for dubi-ous politicians whose children are not in your class? If they're leading you so well, why have they sent all their childrens abroad were lives of human beings really matter? Election year is here again, you will still go and collect little crumbs, crumbs that cannot be able to send your own children to study were theirs do. If they are so sincere, why can't they reciprocate what's in those countries here? Were they not elected to make Nigeria a better place? This is a pertinent question you should be asking yourself now. Other countries made their place attractive for the children of this dubi-ous politicians, why can't they make Nigeria? You lack water, electricity, good road networks, health care, developments, jobs, what then are they doing for you that you run over heel at their calls? What's really has Nigeria ever done to you to deserve your loyalty and patriotism?

~Chukwudi Samuel, 12 03 2022

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