When Asari Dokubo was demanding for IPOB Defense funds account

There was a time Asari Dokubo was demanding for an account for Defence funds. It was so funny to me. How can Asari who is not an IPOB member demand an account from a group he doesn't contribute to?

IPOB as a movement decides how they use their money and who to pay or not to pay.

Again, there was a time some of them supporting crimînals masquerading as Nigería politicians were accusing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of scamming people. This also made me laugh. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Kanu is fighting for freedom. He convinced millions of people of the need to fight for freedom. These people started contributing willingly to that cause, then you came out to say he is scamming those people. That's funny to me. These are people their politicians have been looting away their now and tomorrow, yet they don't complain. But their problem is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB movement, that has never solicited for money from them. Nor sell their oil and loot the money.

Every member of IPOB has the right to quit at anytime. IPOB has also the right to spend her money the way they want it. Before you joined IPOB you knew they have principles and laws. You know they have a chain of command and they flow under command and control. You knew all these, yet you joined. Along the line you became uncomfortable, and instead of leaving you said you will fight the struggle and end it or take it over. Are you mad?

IPOB funds belong to IPOB. If you are not an IPOB member, IPOB owe you no explanation on how they wish to spend IPOB money. That IPOB decides to acquire lobbyists to push out the story of Biafrans and expose how Nigería government is using Fulani herdsmen terrorists to kîll indigenous people and take their lands to the world powers should not worry you. That they pay 85k dollars to that lobbyist firm should not worry you. This is IPOB money and not your money. You have no right to call Nnamdi Kanu that contracted the lobbyist firm a crimînal. That's because it is not your money. They can even decide to pay Bruce Fein 2 million dollars or pounds, it is non of your business. This is IPOB money and not yours. If you have the ability to get a lawyer better than Bruce Fein for free, then you do it. And not talking about what another organisation is doing.

When MNK became uncomfortable with what Uwazurike of MASOB was doing, he left MASOB, founded IPOB. He didn't start speaking down on MASOB. He didn't say he will end MASOB or start dragging power. He didn't start using MASOB to raise illegal money. He just left, started from scratch and moved on. From nothing, he is today a global phenomenon.
Why is it that some people instead of starting their own are using IPOB and ESN for illegal fund raising. The worse thing is that people committing these evil will be the first to call others ndi nzama. You are taking money from people using a name and organisation that does not belong to you, yet you are calling others crimînals. Listen, I wouldn't have complained had it been these people are using their name and not IPOB for their illegal fundraising.

Indeed, some of our people are very unreasonable, if not how can people be supporting crimînality and still call people they are committing fraud against crimînals.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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