When you hear the reasons why the infiltrators are doing what they're doing. You will definitely be amazed with a buggling question echoing in your mind, could they be human beings with reasoning capacity? We all know that a thief never announces himself to be a thief but their actions does the work. There's no way the infiltrators can tell you the their real intentions of coming into your organization but they can only deceive the passive mind.

They tell you so many excuses to justify their actions but the fact remains that their destructive tendencies is laid bare for everyone to see.

They will tell you, oh DOS disobeyed Onyendu Mazị Nnamdi kanụ by not allowing one Mr infiltrator to broadcast on radio Biafra. Ask them, are they now MNK whom his orders are disobeyed as they claim? Igbo says "onye gbara nkịtị kwere ekwe" MEANING that silence is approval. Sensible person would ask, if MNK who knows that Mr infiltrator is yet to broadcast on radio Biafra and still didn't talk or override the decision of DOS, who then are am i to fight for him on that?

They also sprang up another lame excuse saying that DOS shouldn't have sacked anybody from IPOB in the absent of MNK. One even go to the extent of saying, why should DOS sack those working for Biafra(He that's speaking didn't know how they were appointed in the first place and how IPOB works, infact he is not a member of the organization) And for that they will continue to fight DOS until DOS reinstate them in IPOB. He Said" Sighting one inconsequential excuse of maintaining his imaginary Onyendu’s legacy. What a dimwit.

You mean Onyendu’s legacy you craftly positioned at the front while you hid your evil agenda behind? Was Onyendu not aware of their sack? If DOS is working against his legacy, don't he reserve the power and command to remove any member of DOS that disobeys his command, but he rather choose to work more closer with them? Are you now making decisions for your leader?

They will also cunningly tell you that because DOS failed to sack a DOS member they falsely accused of embezzlement of funds therefore, they will no longer listen or take orders from DOS. All these things are not mere coincidence. Those were their original plans to cast doubts in people's minds with the instrument of sentiments. If they don't have this plans initially, why should a non member of an organization interfere with its internal affairs?

You can see that all they do now is against the very golden words of the leader himself that's tantamount to destroying the legacy he built for years. Most of the things the leader decisively and deliberately kept hidden is been bastardized and ruthlessly made public by those lots. Is that also protecting his legacy as claimed by the infiltrators?

Wisdom they say is profitable to direct

Who in his right mind would showcase a supposed secret service to the public even though we know they're acting a script? In some occasions our leader did mention our secret service(M-BRANCH), where they ever showcased by him? Or was there any much discussion about them in the public? Indeed wisdom is profitable to direct.

ALL he is desperately doing is to make the gullible believe he is in charge of some kinda high level security details he may never get till he die. So, there's nothing as important as discipline and obedience in what we do, especially in a large freedom fighting movement like IPOB.

~Chukwudi Samuel, 23 03 2022.

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