When someone start messing up

When someone start messing up, know it that some people from behind are propping him up. When Ekpa started, some people were making him feel he is now greater than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They were telling him how he can take over from MNK. This feel good words made him feel on top. And he started messing up.

Today he has learnt that he can't just do it. Many of those that were pushing him have left him. More will leave him when MNK finally comes out from Nigerịa dungeon.

Let me tell you one thing. Some of us are the reason Kanunta Kanu is messing up. As he is ranting and feeling he can call head of DOS names, some people are charging him up. These people doing this will be in the backyard until he destroys himself.

I don't know why people will always have problem with their removal from position. Did they born you and born that position? Was someone not occupying that position before you were appointed? Why is it that when you are asked to step aside you start fighting? Why?

In 2015 some members of DOS were suspended and they started fighting the leadership. These are men that have been brandishing power and suspending offenders. Now they received the same thing and instead of obeying it, they started fighting. Some people followed them. Today, we know how it ended.

Again, the same Uche Mefor we all defended started messing up. He started speaking against command and control. That's the same man that used the same command and control to suspend those DOS members as the then deputy. Do you now understand how selfish men can be?

Again, MNK was kidnapped in Kenya and some people reared their ugly heads.
I understand that the 'anyhownism' of Nigeria system has influenced some of us, but we must be able to shade off those things. We must be ready to act like civilized people. We must see IPOB as a disciplining tool. No position is your father's property.

MNK might come out tomorrow and decide to change head of DOS or any other person, but before that time comes, you MUST obey the head of DOS. There is no time MNK asked anyone to go and fight change of positions done by the DOS. MNK said it clearly that when he is not there, DOS takes charge. So what is these people's problem?

Anyone that understand this struggle will never start fighting just because he was removed from his position. Lots of people have been removed, suspended and reinstated. They didn't start fighting. When the movement say step aside, kindly do that.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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