When Will You All Stop Mocking God In Nigeria?

For how long have you prayed for Nigeria? 30 years? 40 or 50 years? Is God dumb? Why did Nigeria men of God decide to mock God? Why do you continously say prayers without an answer coming? Aren't you tired of mocking God?

Prayer for Nigeria in distress? What distressed Nigeria? Why is Nigeria not working? Did God not bless Nigeria enough? Is it proper for a God that blessed a country so richly to come down from heaven and govern her? Why is it that you guys have refused to acknowledge the fact that it isn't the work of God to come down and do the things men ought to do?

What actually are you praying for? For God to give Nigeria natural resources? Haven't he done it when he gave you people oil, gas, gold, fertile soul and coal? What else are you praying for?

When are you guys going to stop lying to the people? I mean you Nigeria pastors and priests? When are you guys going to start telling the people the truth? That it is not God's fault, nor is it His duty to govern Nigeria? That He as God has done his part as God?

Did America say Prayer For America in distress before your politicians started running into America to squander looted money?

What of France, UAE and even Britain? Did they activate these prayers before they developed their different countries?

Not as if I don't believe in prayers. But I don't think it is good to pray for certain things we can do for ourselves. Things like............asking God to come down and feed you your daily bread, for good roads, hospitals and water. A citizen of Nigeria that wants to go to school, should not pray for money to go to school. The government should be able to give him loans to cover his education. There should not be a body like jamb that steals from poor people without giving them admission.

The problem of Nigeria is not something men can't solve. It doesn't need a supernatural being to solve Nigeria problem. God doesn't go around doing the works of human. Why haven't you all started thinking in this line? Is it God that has been selling oil for 50 years and looting it. It is God that have refused regionalism and true federalism in Nigeria. So tell me what you are praying for?

I put it to you all that you are in bed with the politicians. If not, you all would have told them the simple truth. That they have failed and it is time the people rise up against them. That Nigeria is not working, have never worked and will never work. But rather you keep telling the people to keep praying. Is it not you priests and pastors that say prayers without work is dead. Why then are you guys making people to pray uselessly? Why must your flock pray even for good roads? Why?

It is time to start telling the people the truth or see them discover the truth themselves. You will see people start walking out on you while you preach. Make haste while the sun shines.

Time is ticking!
Nigeria must divide to save lives.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2020.

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