Where Are Those Enemies Of MNK Before His Extraordinary Rendition?

Have you noticed that 98% of those supporting infiltrators and calling themselves autopilots are all having fake names? They have funny names like Ugo Biafra, Nwa Dot, Biafra boy etc. They don't have the mind to preach what they believe in using their real names. That's how fake people behave. When these stage is ever, you won't know they are the ones that did those evils.

Did you also notice that before the rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya to Nigería, there are people on social media always attacking Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? Have you asked where those people went to? Did they just disappeared? Or did they suddenly started loving Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? What happened?

What of those of them that called themselves soldiers of justice? These group unleashed a deadly campaign against MNK. Where are members of soldiers of justice today? Did they just disappeared?

I can still remember those of them seeking coalition with IPOB in those days. They said they want all Biafra agitating groups to come under one group. That the whole group will then elect a new president. These guys came with mushroom groups and wanted to annex IPOB. Crimînals opened groups without followers and they all had their meeting in Oba. They invited IPOB and some gullibles started writing how it was a good move. Probably they will vote among the leaders of the different groups and elect a new leader among themselves. Did you see the game plan? They were all government sponsored groups. They would have dethroned MNK by ganging up against IPOB, had it been IPOB out of sentiments joined them. Have you asked yourself where are these people today? Does it mean MNK don't have enemies again?

You don't need to ask too much. All of these people are members of infiltrators claiming to love MNK and shouting our leader and DOS sold our leader. The one they hated with passion is now their leader. They all are now pretending to love MNK, but they have not stopped fighting to have him destroyed. Opportunity came for them to try to destroy MNK while claiming to love him. History has proven that the most portent way to have a man destroyed is to first buy his trust and pretend to love him. Julius Caesar died out of the stab given to him by a person he called a dear friend. He couldn't believe it when Brutus gave him that final stab that brought him down.
Again in the Holy Bible, the widow Judith INFILTRATED Nebuchadrezzars's army and slayed its commander, HOLOFERNES. How did she do that? She came into the Army camp, claimed she has abandoned the people of Israel and now stand for Nebuchadnezzar. They all accepted her and even gave her preferential treatment. Allowed her to be going out to say her prayers. The day she kîlled the commander, she escaped unnoticed. Do this ring a bell? Did someone say he is dumping one Nigería for Biafra? Did you clamour for preferential treatment for him? Did he work to destroy IPOB leadership? Answer these questions yourselves.

One thing most of you don't know was that the reason all of these people came together as autopilot claiming to love MNK and shouting we must release our leader was because they know too well that destroying IPOB leadership is still the destruction of MNK himself. For without IPOB leadership, IPOB will scatter, and without IPOB there is no MNK. The reason MNK is feared is because of the movement he created. Destroy that movement and he becomes a complete no body. This was why they attacked every principle of IPOB and every IPOB department.

They started with an attack on IPOB leadership by accusing DOS of selling out Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They knew it to be a lie, yet they kept sounding it and with it fooled most of you. Then they went after IPOB finance, and with it put lots of doubts on the minds of the people. And some of the weak ones stopped contributing to the struggle. They went after IPOB command and control as to introduce indiscipline into the struggle. Did they stop there? No. They went after IPOB legal team and accusing IPOB lawyers of fraud and dragged them online. They attacked IPOB media warriors, said they will open up their can of worms. When they got no can of worms to open, they started calling them names and mocking them. When this also failed, they went after ESN and MBranch, trying to recruit bad boys and commit crimes in the name of ESN, just to daint the ESN in the eyes of the world. Finally, they attacked IPOB lobbying team that have yielded lots of fruits for IPOB.

All these was done to destroy MNK while claiming to love him. Today, they have been defeated. Those they fooled they have closed their ears and mind. This is the time to start thinking. Start asking questions. Are you denning with enemies of MNK thinking you are fighting to free MNK? Time to answer this question is now. Know it that you are with pure MNK haters. If you don't make a U-turn and MNK comes out, know it that you are lost and lost forever.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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