Where Is The Hope And Where Is The Messiah?

You might not understand the game politicians use men of God to play in Nigerịa, that's why some of us support nonsense from them. Some Men of God in Nigerịa are just an extention of politicians. They work for them. For more than 20 years now, politicians have been teleguiding the people using dubious men of God. You might not understand this, but it is our duty to let you know these things. This is why they will rather ask you to pray for your politicians, instead of confronting them. They want God to do for them what they can do for themselves. They know that God don't work that way. They know that wrong prayers can't be answered by God. So they know you are wasting your time. Tell me, for how long have Catholics said the prayer for Nigerịa in distress? More than 30 years. Have anything happened? No. Why? Is it that God don't answer prayers again? No. We are asking wrongly. We are praying, when we can stand up to politicians and query them. How can I have my Bible in front of me and ask God to open it for me? Where is it done? How about asking God to protect us as we confront these Babylonians and Nebukadnezzar?

Listen, the punishment given to Mbaka is well deserved. The Bishop might have gotten the opportunity now, but the truth is that he would have done this earlier before now. Mbaka has really messed up.

I see Mbaka not just as a politician, but an APC politician. Mbaka was a vital tool to the coming of APC in 2015. He called Buhari a Messiah, therefore turning the minds of millions of people that trust in him against Jonathan. This helped APC to get the percentage needed from the East to win. If you tell me they rigged, I will tell you the statement added whatever they did.

Do you know how many people that lost their lives so far? Do you know how many businesses that got closed down? Do you know how many dropped out of school? Do you know how many became stranded abroad? Do you know how many people Fulanii herdsmen kîlled? Do you know how many people that were abducted by this government? Do you know how many disappeared? Do you know how many that died even in Enugu state? Do you know that a senior seminarian was among the dead, yet Mbaka did not condemn the kîlling by Fulanii herdsmen. He remained silent.

As if that wasn't enough, he came again with Imo game of prophecy. Before the court pronouncement, he told you all that he saw Hope in Imo state and proclaimed that it will bring hope for Imo people. What a perfect mind game. APC knew their own... He was one of them and he helped them steal the mandate from the people. They knew they want to steal the mandate and they used a known man of God to perfect it. I am a follower of God too and I know that God will never be a part of rigging. If God should show Mbaka about Imo, he will show him about the injustice that is about to happen and not that the injustice about to happen will bring hope. Never. He said it and prepared your mind to accept injustice. What happened after? Thousands of homes have been burnt. Hundreds of youths killed and imprisoned. Many kidnapped. Imo became a war zone. And I ask all of you this question. Where is the hope Mbaka saw? Where is the Messiah?

Today, he came with the same game. OK, let's say he even saw something. We have seen Prophets that saw doom for his people and started praying to God to avert it. But here you want me to support some one whose Messiah and hope brought evil and death to my people. Oh no way.

And you are free to accuse me of support for Peter Obi. This accusations didn't start today. In 2019, I wrote much about election boycott and I was accused of supporting APC. Same accusation was made against IPOB by Otelectuals. When boycott was called off. The same APC they accused us of supporting turned around to accuse us of working with PDP. So nothing new. If you want to see it as a support for Peter Obi, so be it.

Mbaka should have been cautioned earlier before now, but he played smart and the Bishop tried to avert people's uprising. Now, nothing will happen. Only him can save himself. Prove to the Bishop once again that he is loyal to him. That's what is expected from every priest to his local ordinary. If not, his Adoration ground might remain closed. Ask yourself this question. Why did the Bishop ban Catholics from going there when he can suspend just the priest and allow other priests to continue working there? That's because he is totally disobedient.

Those that said MNK has forgiven him are funny people. MNK forgave the past and not the present. Mbaka is an unstable person who have played on the psych of the people. We should stop seeing this struggle as politics of APC and PDP. That's far from it. If we must be different, we must act differently. We must know that we are meant to bear the pain of truth. That's because we would have failed if we don't restore a sane society.

Mbaka is wrong. And if you know this and you still defend him because you think he has spoken for us, then you don't understand what you are doing.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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