Who is Chi (Guardian Angel)

According to igbo cosmology Chi is the personal spirit of a person (ḿmúọ́) which is referred to as guardian angel.

According to Ifeanyi Nwodo
"Chi" has dual meanings of guardian/personal angel/spirit and that of God. That unique meaning often is distinguished from their context of use.

For example:
"Chi na eke," talking about God that creates. "Onye na chi ya," which portrays the distinct uniqueness of our personal gods (which is a more specific and limited sense of the word).

You'll have to recollect the varieties of uses of "Chi" in Igbo language to better appreciate the point I'm conveying.

In Igbo culture it is this spirit which determines destiny, hence the saying, onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe ("If a person agrees to a thing, his spirit agrees also"). Culturally, people are seen as the creators or makers of their own destiny.
This Chi is a personal guide that leads a man to a rightful way of life, he protects him from danger and keeps him safe from the eyes of his enemies.
The Nigerian Chi is mostly used as a reference to a higher spiritual body or Supreme Being so they have names like “Chidi Ebere” (God the merciful), “Chineke” (God the creator) but in China, Chi means a vital force or “life force”.

Onye kwe Chi ya ekwe. / When one says yes, his chi/personal God is in agreement with him. [One has to make the first move, take a decision or a bold step towards the realization of a dream before expecting God to wade in]
Chi can also be referred to as the inner voice that corrects you whenever you want to make mistakes.

No one runs away from His/her chi either can one run away from his shadows.
Maka Ogbacha oso a gwuo mile (After the race, the miles or distance covered is calculated) Chi is that one who holds your blessings/success.

As an igbo man you can't run away from your tradition maka Ogaracha must come back no matter how far you've done. When they say Odinani, Odi ~na ani (tradition)
Omenani bu uzo Ndi igbo gi bere (culture).

I can't tell this without using my self as an example because I always tell my people to use me as an example to preach to people about igbo tradition.
When I returned to tradition after serials of research in search of the truth, I studied so many religions and also invited ones i could but i wasn't able I found the truth I was seeking for then I decided to go back to history and know why my ancestors accepted it in the first place then I saw that the first slave ship that came to Africa(The Gun) was named Jesus of Lübeck was a carrack built in the Free City of Lübeck in the early 16th century. Around 1540 the ship, which had mostly been used in carrying Africans with the promise of meeting Jesus and they were all sold for slavery.
My ancestors suffered brutality from the slave masters. A lot of them were killed and cut into pieces alive then few accepted Christianity with fear of not been killed or raped.
"One who does not know his beginning won't understand his ending point"

So I went in search of the truth and found it in igbo tradition which is my origin of existence then I had to know whom my spirit of reincarnation was. I found it was my grandfather but I had no money then to recognize him the omenani way.
On that faithful day I was laying on my bed speaking to my chi telling him my purpose of returning to omenani igbo which was to know the truth and it's true beginning.

I was told 35k by a traditionalist (dibia)and I had not up to 5k for it. I needed to be in peace with him so I asked him for help with additional 5k to fix other arrangements making it 40k and I challenged him to provide himself to me.
The first day passed and I still didn't have the money and on the second day, a friend of mine came to my inbox requesting for my account details to send me 40k just like that. I was so happy singing songs of praises to my chi and immediately he came back and told me his making it 60k and he sent it immediately. I was overwhelmed with joy and truly I believed tradition exist and I recognized myself and since then I've received good news more with lot of fast improvements in my life.

May our chi be praised
Seek for the truth first and you'll get blessed


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