The word Igbo has different meaning to different people in Nigeria and the inability to understand this has made several innocent people to lost their lives and their love ones in Nigeria especially northern part of the country that is prone to violence but I think this short article can do help to those who are ignorant of this.
In Kano and other northern state such as kaduna Borno, katsina any person ( s) from Akwa IBom, Cross river, Delta, Benue, Bayelsa , Edo, rivers and all the five States in south east are regarded as Igbo. Should violence erupted, the same treatment meant to Igbo from other five States will also be meant to them. No any explanation will spare them from such treatment as the common men and women in the street of northern state can never differentiate those ethnic groups in north. To them, once you're not Yoruba or hausa you're Igbo especially when you're not Islam , it's suicidal mission to claim other tribe in core north when there's crisis between hausa and Igbo rather than run for your their life.
Who is Igbo in Lagos?
In Lagos, and other south west state, once you're not hausa you're Igbo though they can separate those ethnic groups due to high level of civilization in Lagos but that is at long run, at short run, ordinary man in the street of Lagos see any person who doesn't speak hausa and Yoruba as Igbo man .
You can take hint on what happened on the #endsars protest in Lagos at Lekki toregate, all none Yoruba Indigenes who took part in the protest where named as Igbo including Benue state celebrity two face Idaibia.
No other tribe where mentioned as trying to destabilize Lagos exept Igbo. Should any violence erupted as some Yoruba youths where warming up to stage counter protest against what they theme as "Igbo in Lagos are destroying" Lagos which forced Igbo leaders to intervened. All other tribes in Lagos exept hausa would have received the same treatment Igbo from five States of East would have received , only few lucky ones would have escape it.
This is Nigeria, try to apply sense once you move from your original localities to other part of the country. Nigeria have approved formula and that's Igbo hausa and Yoruba. Be security causious.

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