Back to the old unanswered question. Who is Igbo ? || Where Is Igbo ?

We often ask where did the Igbos come from .Certain names in Igboland that have existed long before the Europeans came still exist till today and makes one wonder ,and ask some questions. Was Igbo originally the name of a person or a place or a group of people. As far back as 16th centuries we heard words like Oye-Eboe (onye Igbo) being used by Igbo speaking people who also later identified themselves as Eboes (Igbos).
Names such as .
Onuigbo :mouth of Igbo
Aguluzigbo :The topography on the road to Igbo
Igboanugo :Igbo have heard
Akwukwu-Igbo :The convulsions of Igbo
Oligbo and above all and most important of them all ,Umuigbo (Children or descendants of Igbo) .In the entire Nigeria, only the igbos use these nomenclatures to denote or trace origin and the "Umu" prefixes or suffixes can be found among Igbo speaking people both in South south and south east.
The conclusion is, Igbos are of same ancestor, who's origin and time of existence is lost to human mind going by the deep archeological discovered littered all over Igboland dating thousands of years.
Weather your ancestors lived in the igbo heartland, lived among the Benin or Igala before returning to the Centre ,Igbos are of one ancestor called Igbo .
Written by John Igboanugo.

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