Why Are Christian Leaders Silent

By Chukwu Obumnaeme John Bosco

When things starts to deteriorate, reasonable humans will start asking questions, questions like...is Nigeria Christian church being politicized or are churches in Nigeria being hijacked by fraudulent a entity?
The way churches in Nigeria are being operated one may ask his/herself it is still really the church we all knew or an ordinary organization? When Christians or civilians are being killed by terr-orist or Nigeria government armed forces aka terr-orist in uniform, you will think that churches/religious leaders will rise to condemn it or organize a protest against the atrocities or the injustice in NigerĂ­a. No they won't think about it. They will simply keep mute.

Why is it that the leaders of the church can't stand in defence of their flock? Is it not written in their holy Book that they should be their brother's keeper and stand in defence of the defenseless. But unfortunately, they do the opposite. If churches in Nigeria refuse to speak and defend their members whom are being killed and kidnapped, I wonder who will. Sadly, the churches in Nigeria have left their responsibilities to beat around the bush. This is why we won't be making mistake should we say that the church has been politicized and hijacked.

The same church who failed to defend their members but will be telling them about the acquisition of fraudulent PVC will never care for their flock. Something we all know is never the solution. Any church advocating for PVC or 2023 elections without speaking out the atrocities of government of the day are enemies of peace, progress and freedom. The churches in NigerĂ­a must rise and take up their responsibility for a better nation.

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