Why Are We This Blind?

There are things that shouldn't be written or said because it did sell things to the oppressors, but when you see those that should be in the know acting like ignorant people, and their ignorance weaponized by certain selfish individuals, you did decide to break it down.

That's exactly what I am going to do here.

I will keep saying it that Nigeria education system is evil. They have produced uneducated educated people who lack common sense.

The ability to read in between lines is lacking in many of us. And I will use some events to explain this.

In 2020, #EndSARS happened. The aim for #EndSARSProtest is not to restore Biafra, and neither is it to restructure Nigeria. But Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is seeking for the restoration of Biafra supported #ENDSARSNOW. He didn't say they are stupid for not seeking this and that. He simply supported them. And that protest nearly did it until they played a tribal card, and used most of those crimînals masquerading as Activists to kill the protest. Believe it or not, the government has broken the backbone of the protest before they shot and killed more than 100 youths at #lekkitollgate leading to #LekkitollgateMassacre. They got these guys to admit that the protest has been taken over by hoodlums. It was then that these big heads signed the death warrant of those youths. The lesson here is that the IPOB leader used the same Nigeria youths protest to score a point. That's wisdom. That's exactly what I expect to happen come 2023 election. You can't wish away the current youth movement going on. You can't give Nigeria government a soft landing by moving against the youths who believe they can change things. In your wisdom, you need to allow them try. Let Nigeria government be the one to rig them out. Don't let them say it is because of you they failed. It must be clear that they were rigged out. You then capitalize on it. And should they allow the youths to win, it is still a win win for you. I know they will use their agent in Finland to cause confusion, and the compromised Nigería media will give him backing like always. But it is necessary IPOB make their stand known.

Again IPOB leader knew that lots of Biafrans are being killed by Nigeria government. And that Biafrans need a security group to protect them. He tried creating BSS, but it was met with lots of opposition. Those opposition were actually justified as there weren't enough justification for such creation. A nonviolent freedom movement announcing such group doesn't add up. What did IPOB leader do? He called it off and disbanded them on air.

He went in and started strategizing. How can I establish a security group without the world coming hard on it? He must have asked himself. The Fulani herdsmen have been sacking villages, kidnapping people for ransome, destroying farm lands and killing and rapping women to death. What did MNK do? He mounted a great campaign and exposition of what the Fulani herdsmen are doing, and the backing they are getting from Nigeria government. He took it to the whole world, exposing them. He even got the services of a lobbying firm that cost IPOB a fortune to push this narrative. When his message had saturated, he wrote to the South East Governors asking them to replicate what Yoruba governors did in the South West by creating a security group in the East like Amotekun. But the senseless leaders in the South East refused. In a press release they claimed that South East don't need such security group. That's after Fulani led federal government lobbied them, and promised to give them vice presidential position. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu therefore announced the creation of ESN. The world has been intimated with the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen terrorists and the backing they get from Nigeria government. So the world understand that a man about to be wiped off needs to defend himself. Today, we all have seen the wisdom in that action. Didn't the same South East Governors go on to create Ebubeagu? Is Ebubeagu not killing our people today?

But MNK knew that these men can be blackmailed, reason he told the world that these men will remain only in the Bush and has only one duty, which is to defend Biafrans against Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Since then the world has not said anything bad about ESN. But Nigeria government is not seeing ordinary security men defending Biafrans against Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They are seeing a Biafra Army. This is why they are fighting against them. They know that with those men, conquering Biafra land won't be easy. But unfortunately, fools don't know what they have and they are helping crimînals to destroy this group.

I will keep saying it that Nigeria government played a wonderful game against Biafrans with the kidnapping of MNK. And unlished crimînals against IPOB.

How can MNK be destroyed without most of his flowers being aware that they are being used to destroy the man they love? It is simple. Kidnap him, and use the insiders planted among them to accuse IPOB leadership of being behind that kidnap. By so doing, they will move against their leaders, and with it the once organised and disciplined organisation will scatter. And once IPOB scatters, MNK has been destroyed. Without IPOB leadership getting the respect of IPOB members, then MNK is a no body. The fear of MNK is the multitude of people behind him. Men ready to do any thing for the sake of the message of freedom he brought to them.

What of ESN? How can it be destroyed? By making the agents planted among them claim they are now in charge of ESN. Make it look like ESN has left the Bush and started committing lots of evil. Secret Agents from Nigería security can now kill and kidnap people and claim they are ESN. With the claim from the agent in Finland and their call for every one to start acting anyhow, the land will be set on fire and the entire blame goes to ESN. The people that will be terribly terrorised will start speaking ill of ESN and IPOB. Once you loose the people acceptance and backing you are gone.

These guys also extended this to IPOB finance. With the billions disbursed by Nigería government, these guys started distributing millions, while they claim they get it from the people. That's a very big lie. I looked at our people and their ignorance and I shake my head. Have you asked yourself how hard it takes to raise money? But these crimînals immediately after the kidnap of MNK started dishing out millions of Naira to people on ground. Where did all that money came from? They told you it is from fundraising. Dumb people. The fundraising was just a means to dilute the blood money they received from Nigeria government. You think it is easy for an Igbo man to give you his money? You must have shown him you worth it. It took years before people started responding to the call of MNK. But two crimînals that were campaigning for politicians until late 2019 told you the millions they are dishing out to crimînals on ground is from fundraising and you agreed.

What baffles me most is how some people don't understand why the same IPOB that has ESN changed style and now talk about calm. A freedom fighter should be wise, intelligent and dynamic. You must learn to change and adapt depending on what your enemies brought to the table. They want to set your land on fire, and some of you don't know that the best method to employ is to counter them by listening to your leaders. Since they want to demonise ESN, you don't start using ESN to threaten war. But some of you followed a government agent to drag ESN into what they are not. Today, what happened to the camps they used the zoo money to create? Zoo attacked and wiped them off without IPOB coming to their rescue. When MBranch was created, the Nigería agent in Finland has not even started speaking about Biafra, but he was able to fool you with the joke he dished out and called them MBranch. He was able to fool you that he is now the commander of ESN, he knew nothing about. An ESN MNK hid from his own then Deputy is what a mere outsider that is not a registered IPOB member told you he is in charge of and you believed. Shame on you all.

I hear unthinking people keep saying IPOB is not serious as far as they are talking about nonviolent agitation. Lol. Blind bats I call them. So IPOB will be shouting violence before you will know how prepared they are? Are ESN a group of pastors in Mount Olive praying for peace? What do you take them for?

It is only a fool that won't understand what MNK meant by when IPOB will march, the world will know.

Must every thing be SPELT out before you can grasp them? Can't you think for yourself?

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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