Why did IPOB establish the Eastern Security Network (ESN)?

As insecurities heightened in the Country, Intelligence Reports have revealed that, the APC government in the Nation’s Seat of Power in FCT Abuja, is deeply collaborating and colluding with terrorists in their activities across the Country.
This Intelligence was confirmed by Retired General TY Danjuma as quoted below:
“Military, Police complicit in killings across Nigeria…” - T.Y. Danjuma (Premium Time of March 24 2018).
“…The Fulani controlled federal government colludes with these foreign terrorists imported to oust Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from office, in an attempt to forcefully grab Indigenous People's land, which was a bargain the Fulani Political Elite had with their imported mercenaries”.
There are chronicles of reported Fulani attacks on farmers and villagers in Biafra land. Women and their daughters are savagely raped while on their farmlands to eke a living. Some women were not as lucky as after being raped by Fulani youths, they will be slaughtered after an orgy of unsolicited sex from infidels. Their killers will sadistically cut their bodies with machetes, and scatter their body parts across their farms. Sometimes their vital organs (Kidney, Liver, Heart, fingers, toes) and private parts are harvested for profit. Other Victims of Fulani terrorism are wantonly kidnapped for ransom. These well armed Fulani terrorists would also invade farms and villages as herders in disguise, massacre the Indigenous Biafra Natives in cold Blood, with no hope of getting Justice, from a government whose responsibility is the protection of lives and properties. Rather these terrorists sugar-coated as Bandits and Herdsmen, are shielded and protected by the government. This mantra has escalated over the past decade.
The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu worried by these rising insecurities in our land wrote, and addressed a letter dated 15th May 2020, addressed to all law makers representing Biafra land/territory known as the South East and South South geo-political Zones or Regions, including their State governors, on the need to form a local Security Network to protect our farmers and villagers, from these Fulani sponsored invaders. This is to stop our reliance on the compromised Nigeria Security forces for protection, while our People are haplessly massacred, in their numbers with impunity, & occasioned with the un-attainability of JUSTICE. Unfortunately this letter was ignored by these Regional Authorities.
For confirmation please read the Vanguard REPORT of January 18, 2021 on quote and titled: “We informed South-East, South-South governors, politicians before establishing Eastern Security Network “
- IPOB (January 18, 2021).
Hence the birth and unveiling of eastern Security Network (E.S.N) on 12th December 2020 by IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
In his exact word he said On quotes: “This is not Biafra Army…this is Eastern Security Network…Not different from Amotekun, and Miyetti Allah…We have decided to take it upon ourselves, to defend the land of Biafra; we are determined and resolute, and we are not going to stop until we eradicate every trace of Fulani terrorism in our midst”.
“…For years, our mothers have not been able to go to the farms; our daughters are being raped and cut into pieces. Everybody is aware of what transpired at Nimbo, in Ozowani, and what’s happening right now in Delta…what is happening in Ebonyi State and what’s happening in some parts of Abia…We cannot allow it to continue…This present generation of IPOB won’t tolerate it; we will rather die than to allow the ‘Janjaweed’ terrorists take over our lands...
“Our invaders, we were being told, come from the Gambia, we were being told they come from Mali, some from the Niger Republic, some are from Chad according to the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam El-Rufai. Therefore, we are setting up the Eastern Security Network to combat the excesses of these vagabonds and Criminals. We are going to defend our lands from the ravage of the Fulani…Nigeria Security Forces must know we are not after them… but anybody on our way to defend our land must be crushed”
- Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (December 12, 2020)
The launch of the Eastern Security Network was celebrated and endorsed by many relevant groups in Nigeria such as Afenifere, world Igbo Congress and Others. The launch of the ESN becomes counter-productive to the Fulani hitherto hidden but unveiled Agenda. The Fulani controlled government Zoological Nigeria, felt visibly threatened by the surprise and successful launching of the ESN without any iota of Intelligence gathering about the recruitment, camping and professional training of the numerous Volunteers present at the ESN Commissioning.
This made Nigeria Government to intensify their media propaganda against the IPOB and ESN. Their sole aim being to de-market and demonize such an outstanding disciplined and professional Security outfit.
Two weeks after the launch of the ESN, the Nigeria Police, Army and other Security Apparatchik of the Nigerian State couldn't see any ESN Official in the Cities or towns and villages to combat.
This is so because, the ESN was not made to be in the Cities, towns and Villages but operate in our bushes and farmlands, to locate, dismantle, drive out and destroy identified Fulani terrorist’s hideouts, across the South East and South South Regions. Please read Nigeria Police Official Statement as Reported by Sahara Reporters on January 09, 2021 on quote:
“We're yet to Locate Eastern Security Network Officials, Camp in South-East”
– Nigeria Police (January 09, 2021)
“ESN Operatives are in our Bushes and forests, fighting terrorists” replied Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader on a live broadcast anchored on Radio Biafra London (RBL).
With this credible, detailed, expository and Analytical Report; Readers can now understand, the difference between UGM and ESN. Let me make it abundantly clear at this juncture that, there is no denying the fact that ESN Operatives and Nigerian Security Forces do cross path and clash from time to time.100% of these direct confrontations are often orchestrated and provoked by the Nigerian Security Forces; who have failed to acknowledge the contributions of the Eastern Security Network towards controlling and stemming the tide of insecurity, Criminality including kidnapping, Armed Robbery, politically motivated assassinations, and violent disruptions in the Biafra heartland.
Forensic and intelligence Reports at our disposal shows that, the only time the Nigerian Police or Military clash with ESN Operatives, is when these Security Forces move into our Bushes to collude with and/or aide Fulani Bandits being dislodged from our farms, bushes and forests; when ESN Operatives are on their legitimate duty…driving out these notorious terrorist Herdsmen otherwise known as Bandits. The ESN in such situations will definitely apply established Rules of Engagement and global best practices, to defend themselves and our land, against the masquerading compromised Nigeria Security Forces.
Testimonies and Video Reports of credible Evidence of the good work the Eastern Security Network ESN is executing to rid the South East/South South of all vestiges of Fulani Occupation and illegal activities. These Reports unveiled vide Investigative Journalism are accessible in the internet. Reports’ accessibility Online has made it impossible, for the Janjaweed Nigeria Government to de-market the Respected Eastern Security Network (ESN).
Extract from article titled : The Genesis of Unknown Gunmen and Reasons why FG may name Ekpa as the Leader of UGM
authored by
Anyi Kings April 19, 2022

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