Why I Think Dumb People Also Joined The Quest For The Restoration Of Biafra

The recent happenings have exposed how dumb some people seeking for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra are. I continue to wonder what type of state these people would have given birth to had it been what is happening today didn't happen. The best thing that happened to the quest for the restoration of Biafra will soon be the told as the second kidnapping of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

This particular episode helped to separate fools from the wise. Saboteurs from the dedicated and chaff from the original. This time have come with pains and at the same time blessings. Imagine that this did not happen and we move into a confrontation with our oppressors. Tell me if it is not already a defeated move?

I have watched these people and I said to myself that I will never in my life forgive Nigeria politicians for what they turned the people into. For more than 50 decades Nigeria politicians have been creating illiteracy in the name of education. And this have produced people that can't reason.

Have you tried examining the arguments of the infiltrators or those that took the side of the infiltrators? You need to do that, and you will thank God for separating them from this struggle.

I will give you some of their arguments and you will judge for yourself.

Till this very day, an infiltrator believe the chief infiltrator is the only one working for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Don't forget that infiltrators have no connection with MNK's lawyers, his family or ESN. In fact, they are badmouthing the lawyers thereby distracting them. They are insulting Nnamdi Kanu's family, including his wife. They have not organized any single protest anywhere in the world since the kidnap of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Yet these infiltrators are running with the saying that only their chief infiltrator is working.

The DOS is in charge of IPOB. They are the people in charge of the IPOB lobbyists. These lobbyists in case you don't know are paid more than 80 thousand dollars per month to be laundering the image of IPOB and expose the atrocities of the Nigeriaa government to the people that matters and offices of different government of the world. IPOB lawyers report to the DOS and DOS takes care of their fees. DOS members are organising protest across the globe. They are the ones having meetings with the Ambazonia leader, yet upon all these, these infiltrators will run with the saying that DOS is only gossiping and doing nothing. Can you beat this? Do you now understand why I said that some people that claimed that they are freedom fighters are indeed dumb?

The worse is that when you open your mouth to talk, these guys will sing how they are standing on the truth. Then you turn to ask them to explain in a clear term the truth they are standing on, and they will tell you how you don't know that truth because you are evil. What is this truth you sing about? Are you afraid of saying it?

Is it truth that you accused people of betraying Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, said you have evidence only to turn around to say that Elohim revealed it to you. If you know it was Elohim that revealed it to you, why then did you lie to the people that you have evidence?

Is it the truth that someone is fighting the structure created by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and you are supporting him?

Is it the truth that someone kept organising fund raising in the name of IPOB and ESN when they are not the ones in charge of IPOB or ESN?

Where is this truth they are talking about? Please if anyone of them have tried to explain to you in a clear term the truth they are standing on, please do well to share it with us here.

I read where the chief infiltrator said DOS is not in charge of ESN. I kept reading so that I can actually know who then is in charge, but he didn't say. If DOS is not in charge, you should have told us who is in charge. But he didn't want to tell you he is in charge because it will be put to record. So he left it blank so that his mumu supporters will make that one up.
Till this very day infiltrators are still organizing Legal Team fundraising. That's the same legal team they have no connection with. That's the same legal team they insult and accuse of betraying MNK. They also organise ESN fundraising for an ESN they are not in charge of and some demented fools are supporting them and donating. Tell me that these guys aren't dumb? What are they using the money they raised for MNK's legal team for? How are they spending the ones they kept raising for the ESN? Not as if I am surprised at the infiltrators themselves. I am only surprised at those supporting them. Why support questionable characters when you are not partaking in the bribe they got from the zoo?
The grand finale of it all is their latest advertised idiocy. That they will destroy DOS through ZOOM voting. Are they for real? IPOB is a movement that is more physical than her social media presence. IPOB sprout from grassroot. They got different family units both in Biafra land, across Nigeria and almost in the entire world. These family units are loyal to DOS and it DOS were born out of them. Members are under divine and sacred oath to obey Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the structure he laid down to restore Biafra. So tell me how some people that claim to have brain will ever think they can destroy DOS after their charade ZOOM voting. That some people are sharing it and rejoicing on how they will destroy DOS with mere ZOOM voting puts a big question mark on the brain capacity of these people.
Non of them have ever asked of what will happen to MNK should the structure he laid down is destroyed. Will Nigeriaa government take MNK as anything should IPOB leadership be destroyed? Who is MNK without the structure he built for many years?
Do you now understand why I said some people seeking for the restoration of Biafra are totally dumb. Even worse than Almajiri. So, imagine for a while that this period didn't come, and we matched? Imagine that the new Biafra rested on the shoulders of such brainless people. I bet you that we would have given birth to something worse than the zoo. But the eternal God whom we serve have given us a chance to separate the chaff from the original.
And believe me when I say it. Non of these people will be in the driving seat of the new Biafra when it comes.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.
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