Wike And His Politics Of Igbo Hate

He denied his Igbo heritage
He Ordered for the Killing and disappearance of over 2000 Igbos in his state .
He Falsely Tagged End Sars protest that were engineered by Nigeria Youths as IPOB violent.
He order for the burning of Houses belongings to igbos and Biafra agitators in his states
He endangered the lives of over 10, 000 IPOB members in his state while placing a bounty of #50 Million on the head of a none member of IPOB and tag him an IPOB leader . Just to demonize IPOB members to make them vulnerable to attack and arrest .
And he thinks it is now the right time to acknowledge that we some time sang his praises ? And he thinks it is now right time to be diplomatic for his Igbo phobia poli tricking ?
Hell no . We are IPOB and we don't forgive and we don't forget.
Anyi Kings 3rd May 2022

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