Will Nigería Work? Are You The Problem Or The Leaders?

They impoverish you. Made things so difficult for you. Threw up policies that will destroy all your little effort just to keep living their extravagant lifestyles.

The little you saved up to start a little business has been destroyed by these policies from the government.

But somehow the society has made it look like your inability to make it is due to your carelessness. You are afraid not to complain because some people will say you are frustrated. They say you are jobless, but they are the people that made it that if you don't know someone at the top you are going nowhere.

The society don't want you to question things. They tell you no one made you poor, but on daily basis politicians are not just looting you dry, they are looting away the futures of your unborn children.

When you say enough is enough they came up with some emotional blackmail. They say you are supporting destruction, because you support revolution. But these guys are going to churches thanking God for getting visa to America, Canada and Europe. They thank God and kîll cow for getting visa to Asian countries. It has become so bad that they now troop to Ghana.
Your leaders that have impoverished you are always traveling abroad for medical care. They can't build hospitals and equip it back home. But they loved good medical care abroad. Even ordinary roads can't be constructed. You provide everything for yourself, including water, yet you don't need to complain, so that no one will think your problem is the worse.

Brother, hear it now...

Your leaders impoverished you. They have destroyed lots of destinies, and sponsor people that will make you think your failures are as a result of your foolishness. Some of us just needed a little ladder to climb to success but nothing is coming up. They have taken all these ladders away.
The society needs you to worship crimînals to make it. We have watched as crimînals formed a circle and became incharge of everything. It became so bad that you must have to join them or suffer in poverty. They taunt you and call you poor. They say you are jobless in other to weaken you.

You must understand that Americans did not make America what it is today without revolution. France in their French revolution beheaded Kings and priests supporting the corrupt wicked Kings. Those revolution brought sanity. But somehow those going to America and France to squander your resources they looted will tell you how revolution is not the answer. They tell you to vote for the right candidate. And 62 years after, you are yet to get the right candidate. Every 8 years they come with frivolous promises, only to disappoint you and bring you down. Yet you are ready to go again and again, listening to lies.

2023 no matter who you bring in will never give you what you desire. That's because it will be same constitution, same system and same structure. You must start speaking out. It doesn't matter what they choose to call you. You must stand out and speak out.

Are they not graduating in Abroad while you are somehow in your house suffering strike? Are you not dying gradually in the abattoir they called hospitals, while they are going to India and America to treat Headaches.

If you believe there is hope in 2023 then you are foolish. And you will never learn. Some people believe in Obasanjo and he ended up enriching himself and his friends. Same thing with Yaradua and Jonathan. Did Buhari not promised heaven and earth? What happened after 8 years? Imagine that you were 30 years in 1999. How old will you be today? You will surely be 53 this year. Did anything change? This is what will keep happening until you wake up to end Nigería. That's is the only solution. Nigería can never work. No body can make a car that cannever work to start working. A dead horse is a dead horse. You can't wake her up. Nigería is as dead as a dead horse.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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