Will the North survive the present situation in Nïgeria?

I doubt!

The North has been sitting on a time bómb. The North has since the creation of Nigeria tried cutting corners in everything. They have used every strength to be in power and thereby use their positions to give their people preferential treatment.

This treatment has encouraged lots of negative things like a poor man marrying three wives with up to 21 children. With power in their hands, there are many ways these children, wives and men get undeserved money from the federal government.

While the North gets this undeserved good treatment, they put the Easterners on their toes, not minding that the money squandered to keep the North alive and maintain their numerous wives and children is coming from the Oil in the East.

This kind of lifestyle has produced laziness and a do-what-you-like type of life and reduced the survival spirit in them.

The question they have failed to answer is how they will be able to take care of 3 wives and 21 children. The Northern elites are super rich, leaving behind a multitude of poor people. To keep them from revolting and coming against them they have used money from the federal to dish out to their people.

There are more than 10 million out-of-school children in the North. Other millions have become adults who are illiterate and very unemployable.

Brothers, the North won't survive it and they know it. The North not only need one Nigeria to remain, they also want to remain in power, but unfortunately, they are not in power. Tinubu decided to do exactly what Buhari did. He has appointed Yoruba loyalists of his in almost every important position leaving nothing to the North, except the inglorious VP position. During campaigns, Tinubu was pretending to be severely sick. He used it to make the North think he was about dying and they fell for it. Today, Tinubu is as strong as ever. When the North decided to bring insecurity to Abuja, Tinubu quickly started moving every important office to Lagos state. Today, the north has ended the insecurity in Abuja knowing that even if they decide to burn Abuja down Tinubu doesn't care.

The North won't survive this hunger, and it will become worse should Nigeria divide. Unfortunately, Nigeria is already dividing.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2024.

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