They called on all grown men in Asaba to gather and shout One Nigeria, and as they gathered, Murtala Mohammed and his gang of Nigeria evil soldiers opened fire on thousands of these civilians, killing almost all of them instantly. They inspected the corpses and shot seeming survivals in the head at close range. It was very few that made it alive. Men weren't buried because their was scarce men to do the job. Imagine the stench, the smells and the diseases this caused Asaba people and it's environs.

Women lost husbands, brothers, uncles and friends. There were no much men to marry the teaming young ladies left in Asaba. The method used in Asaba were quite different from what happened in other places like Ikwere. In Ikwere no one was gathered to be executed. They were simply told to deny being Igbo. They rush out in their numbers and started denying being Igbo. They felled in love with the letter 'R' and started corrupting their languages, names of villages and towns with the letter R. Umuokoro became Rumuokoro, and Umuobi became Rumuobi. In no distant time almost all the kids growing at that time lost their identity, or suffered identity crisis.

The evil genocide committed against the people of Asaba is something we can't stop talking about. The reason for this genocide is simple. Destroy all traces of Igbo people across Niger. Let them be trapped into what they today call South East. In the spirit of subjugation, the Nigeria government didn't stop at the genocide, they continued it with policies. Every of their policies was to keep Igbos and entire South South down. Even when Igbos are many in today's South South, the Nigeria government divided them into two, cutting off brothers. Some towns where divided into two, some became South East and others South South.

As we celebrate the 50years of Biafra, we can't forget the massacre of Igbos in Asaba, the effort of every Biafran who willingly joined the Biafra army and those conscripted into standing tall for Biafra. We can't forget all the children that suffered Kwashioko because of the blockade policy of Gowon and Awolowo. We can't forget those that were taken to Gabon for treatment but never made it back. We can't forget the mothers that were with child during the war, mothers who have to breastfeed their children when suffering from severe malnutrition. Not forgetting the girls brigade, those gallant women who fought alongside men, in that war of survival.

How can we forget those killed in Aba and their bodies mutilated and dumped in borrow pit by Buhari's military. You are not forgotten those killed in Onitsha. That young little girl that was shot down by careless military men on her way to school can't be forgotten. The undergraduate lady that met her death on her way back to school in Onitsha can't also be forgotten. Many has sacrificed a lot. We can't forget. We remember you all. When we sit at home, it's for all of you. For all we suffered together.

Biafra is here, it's certain.

Happy survival to all of you daughters and sons of Biafra.

I am Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi trying to make irrelevant things relevant.

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