yet to be told history of the struggle led by IPOB.

We Rather Not Birth Biafra, Than Birth A Nation As Worse As Nigeria - This is how determined we are in birthing a sane society in the heart of Africa.

The Nigeria agent in Finland once played the voice of Kanunta Kanu where Kanunta Kanu stated categorically that members of DOS are crimînals. When he played that voice, we knew that it is only a crimînally minded fellow that will always record people when they are discussing, yet we know that voice was actually the voice of Kanunta.

Kanunta Kanu it was that said Office of the head of finance is not under DOS but under MNK. He was trying to customise that office. The person in that office allowed herself to be confused by Kanunta Kanu. I listened to them on Radio Biafra confusing themselves with Code of conduct. I wondered what they don't understand by that code of conduct they are shouting. Yes, the code of conduct said that the office of finance is under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as the IPOB leader. But the same code of conduct stated that when MNK is not around, then DOS is in charge. The code of conduct didn't say when MNK is not around the office of the finance becomes independent. It is still the DOS that should inform that office what to do and what not to do at the absence of MNK. DOS do consult MNK and they do what MNK says. So nothing gives the head of finance authority to disobey DOS. If at the absence of MNK, DOS is in charge, it means that anyone disobeying DOS is disobeying MNK. That's include head of finance, MNK's brother or any body at that.

What Kanunta Kanu is doing today shows that they orchestrated most of the things the Nigeria agent living in Finland did. They were in constant discussion with him and pushed him to most of the nonsense he is doing.

We wouldn't have been here talking about Kanunta Kanu if not that we have dub-ious men and women among us. Men who know the rules, but will either twist it or do the opposite. Men that can't stand by their words and the promises they ought to uphold.

How on earth will a people who vowed to birth a nation different from what Nigeria is all about condone an interference from a brother to the leader of the struggle they belonged to? Isn't it again a sane nation that we all vowed to restore? Or did some people feel that IPOB is an opportunity for them to sack today's oppressors, as to become tomorrow's oppressors?

How can you complain about lies told in Nigeria, when you are still telling dub-ious lies? You should be different. You should leave an office when asked to do so. That shows that you will be ready to resign in Biafra land when demanded for the sake of Biafra. Why is it that you want a new nation but support impunity. Some even support those raising funds with the name of IPOB and ESN.

IPOB is a refining fire which people will have to go through as to prepare themselves for entry into Biafra. This is why many has fallen out. Those that can't bear the scorching pains of the fire is bound to be ejected by the burning fire.

This past one year will remain a crucial time in the yet to be told history of the struggle led by IPOB. A time Okike the creator of heaven and earth in his infinite mercy exposed crimînals and evil men & women hidden among the chosen people and flushed them out. He didn't even spare even those close to IPOB leader in blood. That's how much God love IPOB and the freedom they seek for.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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