You are going nowhere with pride

Listen, wetuo onwe gi ala. You are going nowhere with pride. We all were here when Nelly made herself a mini god, speaking as if she is speaking for our ancestors in a society where men are still living. Her vocal voice can be heard shouting on how our lands will and are swallowing people. Calling people ndi ohi aburu onu. Fooling the gullible and destroying young men she pushed out of the struggle.

We knew she was insincere, dub-ious and a chronic liar, yet she kept speaking like she was the voice of the gods.
Today, those she committed evil with have destroyed her. It is not only that they exposed her nudes, they are turning everything around and saying that they committed those evil with her just to expose her. A clear case of i dupu mmadu Ozi ghanyere ya mmiri.

She can never talk. It is all about a smart blackmail by a chronic blackmailer who records every call he made with people. I don't think she saw that one coming. They said the pictures is showcasing where Nelly danced in front of Arusi. Looking at that picture you did know it is a lie. Dancing naked in front of Arusi can never be erotic. The picture looks like two individuals sharing some romantic moments online. It is possible they were using someone to work on Nelly as to get her nude pictures as to control her with it. And they got it.

But Biafrans are not waiting to see Nelly's nakedness. Biafrans are waiting to hear confessions. The nudes are nothing. You can't be exposing nudes, when you can tell us how she betrayed MNK, since you want us to believe she is bad and you are good. But here, you exposed her nakedness and then tell her to say how she betrayed MNK. That is a game we won't allow you to play.

Those Ekpa is fooling should ask him to expose in details how Nelly betrayed MNK in Kenya, since he acted as undercover and got info. Or could it be that they got nothing other than her nude.

Again, Mr Ekpa is shouting about being a spiritual man. He is now laying claim to our ancestors. Since many years Mr Ekpa was e~rating for PDP, he never for once threatened anybody with ancestors this or that, but now he is threatening people with ancestors this and that. Pride comes before a fall.

Like Nelly, Mr Ekpa's own days are coming. His dealings will be exposed. MNK will reject him. Those that supported him genuinely will all desert him. They will be so ashamed of themselves, that when ever they remember how foolish they were in supporting such a dub-ious crimînal, they will shake their heads in sorrow.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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