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I am writing an observation so far. It just came to my knowledge that the UN rapporteur is headed to Nigeria soonest. And many reports from Amnesty had indicted the Nigerian Army of high-handedness, extrajudicial killing and operation against rule of engagement.

The motive then is to blame the Information as misinformation by IPOB propaganda machine, whom Nigeria government had labeled a terrorist organization.

That's why the recent Nigerian Army updates. To make it seem that IPOB is really terrorizing the people and to justify their extrajudicial action in the South East as an operation against IPOB.

The murdered Soldier who was compulsorily retired and murdered "on his way to Imo" is an alibi to support their plan.

And the media took it up just like that without vetting.

Check out the reportage which claimed that military source said the parties were raped and beheaded. The explanation was like a person party to the crime scene. For it even said how many times the lady was raped.

There was another trending video asking about two deaths on a Sit at home at Enugu.

I just want to inform our South East indigenous population to be ready and brace up for more deaths to prove the propaganda by the Nigeria soldiers to give a motive and rationalization for their poor ROE in the extrajudicial Operation in the SE nay Imo, Orlu, Orsuiheteokwa.

But Nigeria Army should know that this propaganda does not work in the present world where people fact check the fact checkers.

For instance, the British informed murder in Bucha to demonize Russia, but China and Russia has through the advantage of their Satellite proved the propaganda. Nigerian Army should know that truth will always prevail.

By Chijioke Ezennia Ifekudu

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