You now believe that Nelly is evil.

That's 9 months after DOS sacked her from IPOB because she is evil.
When she was sacked, you supported and defended her.
You said that DOS sacked her because she is exposing them.
Earlier before the sack, Nelly came to Mr Ekpa's platform and cried. She said that DOS sold our leader. She mentioned IPOB principal officers, including MNK's blood brothers and said they are evil. She accused all of them.
When she made this accusations, you believed her. You said she is right. You said Nelly is truthful and you worked with her.
You conducted many fundraising with her.
You recruited many crimînals with her and used them to kîll Biafrans.
You guys said nothing will make you guys stop working with Nelly. You guys even proclaimed how you guys are Nelly and Nelly is you guys.
But suddenly, you now believe that Nelly is evil. Yet you are still standing on the allegations of Nelly Ofoegbu against IPOB.
You said Nelly is evil, but you still use Nelly's methodology to continue fighting IPOB.
You said Nelly is evil but you presented your platform for her to accuse DOS.
Listen, you guys are very dub-ious people. Your evil will catch up with you all.
There is no crime Nelly committed that you all didn't commit with her.
Before now, if you tell Nelly that it will be like this for her, she will never agree with you.
So you all will never believe or agree that your shame will be greater than that of Nelly tomorrow.
But time will settle it all.
When that time comes, those e~rats recruited by politicians will stop coming online for they will all discard those fake accounts.
And you that was in IPOB before, but supporting evil today will all be shamed.
That day is fast approaching.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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