You really don't know what this one Nigerịa has done to you as a people

You really don't know what this one Nigerịa has done to you as a people. If you know, you will do whatever you can to end it. There is a saying that Igbo people in government hardly give their fellow Igbo opportunity to work, while if it is a northerner, they will employ even their unqualified brothers. Some will use this to say Ndị Igbo are their own problem. Or they will say that ndị Igbo don't love themselves. That's the normal national anthem being popularized by some Ndị Igbo themselves.
Have you asked why if an Igbo becomes a minister or CBN president he will hardly appoint his people into offices there? Have you enquired why Fulanii will even employ their cows and nothing will happen?
An Igbo being in office in Nigerịa is a privilege and not a right. You have no right to do anyhow, because you can be sent out if you don't take time. While a Northerner is confident and can do anyhow and act anyhow. He can steal billions and say rat ate it up and nothing will happen. Can an Igbo do same? You know the answer. Didn't Kabiru Sokoto that bombed a catholic church kị́lling many Christians went to court without handcuffs? But Olisa Metụ that was given 400 million as payment for a contract he delivered went to court with handcuffs. To crown it all, the person that gave him the money as of that time was never humiliated.
I once heard a story where an Igbo was given order not to employ anybody by his Northern Oga. His Igbo brother came looking for job. He met the Northern Oga, who mischievously directed him to the same subordinate he gave instructions never to employ anyone. The Igbo assistant manager narrated his position there to his 'nwannaa' and told him to keep it to himself. The Igbo man went back to the Northern Oga and told him he couldn't get the job. The Northern Oga was mad and told him that even his Igbo brother can't give him a job. You people will never show love to each other. And he gave him the job. Imagine that the Igbo assistant didn't narrate his true position in that place to his brother. He would have been singing how his Igbo brother refused him job and a northerner helped him. This is one among many manipulations they put you through.
Many Hausa Fulanii can transform you this minute. They own Nigerịa and can share her anyhow they want and no one will ever complain. That is one Nigerịa for you.
Even if an Igbo is president he will be checkmated or he will be impeached or even be kịlled. That's Nigerịa for you. Here you are a slave and unfortunately many have accepted their status as a slave. They are satisfied with the little they get and fool others with hope of a better tomorrow that doesn't exist.
Some of our people have worshipped the North to get connected. And those that have experienced it know that the connection from the North is swif, straight and direct. They can give connections as if they are dashing out a waste product they don't need. That's how masters behave and for sure they are your masters and you are slaves. Many of you are still indebted to your northern masters.
The less than 2% Igbo people gaining in Nigerịa rottenness won't tell you this, but I will always say it. There is no hope for Igbo man in Nigerịa, no matter how long it takes. They will keep manipulating you to believe you are your own problem, while they have subjected your people in a situation where they can deny even their Igbo identity just to survive. Some have to betray their own people to survive. After subjecting you to this pitiable position, they will come out to tell you how you are your own problem.
Let me ask you this question. Were you the reason an Igbo has not become president? Didn't they give two Yoruba people slot in two main parties in 1999? Did they not give the North Buhari and Atiku at the same time? What stops them from doing the same thing to you? Oh I remember, you are your own problem.
Tell me please... Are you the reason South East has no good federal roads and no modern railways like other regions? Are you the reason Igbo land has no seaports and no working International Airport? Are you the reason custom and Immigration are on roads leading to the East maltreating your people?
The game is to deal with you, subdue and manipulate you into thinking you are your own problem. Then force you into self destruction.
Unfortunately, your manipulators are making progress. Wake up now or have yourself to blame.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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