your association or friends you make in life is part of your life investment

Did you know that your association or friends you make in life is part of your life investment?

Did you know why rich people insists their children must marry rich people or from rich families?

It's because your association and circle of friendship in life matters and it's part of your life investment.

For example!
If things goes bad for you, it's those your rich / wealthy friends, wealthy associates and rich family friends, rich in-laws that will quickly come to your aid and rescue you and lift you up again. Poor people can't do it because they don't have it.

But when you surrounded yourself with "Ndi odi otu odi gi", poor association / associates, poor friends, poor in-laws, when things go bad for you, you will be in trouble for too long, until you find away to fix yourself again back to wealth or God intervenes for you, otherwise, and if not, you will remain down for life.

Did you also know that your rich and wealthy associates, rich friends, rich in-laws are also life investment you are leaving behind for your children as part of their life inheritance? Yes. It is.

So, change your mindset today about making good rich and wealthy people your friends and belonging to good wealthy associations.
Don't dem0nize good people insisting that their children remain in that circle of rich and wealthy association/associates they have built over the years.

However, my advice to rich and wealthy people is, if any of your child falls in love with a poor man or woman and insists on marrying him or her; while you still live empower them, bring them up to wealth and into that circle of wealthy people / friends, associates so that your child and children's children won't suffer because of that poor choice.

Poverty has no ethnicity or religion, it cuts across, ethnicity and religion especially to those who sees it as a sign of humility and godliness.
Poverty can humiliate a person, but that does not mean you are humble anyway. Please strive, work hard not to be poor but do it in a right way. God will bless your handiwork and innocent endeavours from now going forward and everybody say Iseeeee /Amen.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
Twitter: @oluchristty

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